A sunny update.

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Dear visitors;

Costa Del Kongsvik – is the title of the TV-series I recently had the honor of doing. This is the third season of the award-nominated show, starring Lene Kongsvik as all the lead characters. My contribution to this hilarious installment was to give life to Halvorsen. A sexist alpha-male showing his military-comrades how to party like a rockstar.
The whole shoot took place at the Gran Canary islands (again! ref: A-lee video), and it lasted for a solid two weeks. It will premiere around the first quarter of 2014, but I will guarantee you an update with more a more precise date.

Until next time; enjoy.

Where to begin.

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After such a long break between my updates – meaning I’m pretty busy right now – I’ll be short and to the point in this one.

After we leaped into the new year of 2013 I know for a fact that I was really interested in what would happen next and if everything I’ve done in the last year be paid off in this one? And after the year started, things really did happen:

Hotel Cæsar
First off I did 3 episodes of Hotel Cæsar (a TV-series that has been running for 14 years!), where I played Fencing-coach Erik Hansen. It is just unbelievable how fast they work over there! I really enjoyed it, and would love to come back and revisit the role. The episodes will air in fall 2013.

Filmed a TV-commercial for Fjordland with director Nikolai Cleve Broch, which will air the coming months. I’ll try to get a hold of it, so you could see it.

New shortfilm coming up
The editor of my previous short “Blikkfang” has written (and will direct) a new short comedy in the end of February. The script is sharp and rehearsals begin this sunday.

Also, a new reel is in the making! Finally being able to collect some new clips. Hope all of you out there is doing what you can to get where you want!

“Over you”

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In early September I was at Gran Canaria for a week shooting the music video for A-lee’s “Over You”.  We had a premiere of the video in Oslo last thursday and I think it turned out great! The woman in the video is Sylvia Geerson, a top-model from Netherlands.

Movie of the post:
Leaving Las Vegas (1995) – Ben Sanderson (Nicolas Cage), an alcoholic Hollywood screenwriter who lost everything because of his drinking, arrives in Las Vegas to drink himself to death. There, he meets and forms an uneasy friendship and non-interference pact with prostitute Sera.


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“Blikkfang” (eng. “Eyecatch”) is the title of the new short I’m starring in, which is about a group of friends who travels to an island to enjoy the summer holidays in Norway. Everything is going great until Ole decides to make a move on Ida and wont take no for an answer. The film is about the misinterpretation of a rape within a group of friends; “Was it my fault?” “Did I provoke it?” “Maybe I was just drunk?” are some of the questions that may arise when a woman is exposed to an incident like this.

The production was a four days intense shoot and everybody slept over at this island where it was all shot. The film will premiere around the middle of August in Tønsberg, and will have a viewing in Fredrikstad and Oslo as well. The directors Emilie K. Beck and Christine Stronegger has worked with this project for over a year and did an amazing job bringing it all together. They will both be studying in the US this fall, so wish them the best of luck everybody!

You can read an article written by Tønsberg Blad about the production (Norwegian) here:

Movie recommendation of the post: Our idiot brother, starring Paul Rudd. A heartwarm feel-good film and story that is very right for our time.

When it rains, it pours.

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I have some exciting news which makes me very glad to announce. I must have done something right in terms of karma, because things are happening. Not only is AIDA going absolutely splendid, offers are coming in.

I was just sent the script in the mail, and read it through. But what is this film I have been offered a role in, and is the role of any size?!

The film is originally a proud Norwegian story by Knut Hamsun, named Victoria. It is a classic and tragic love story about Johannes, a poor boy with a big heart falling in love with the beautiful Victoria, that resides in the Castle in his town. They become friends and play a lot with each other and do actually fall in love, but due to their totally different roots, they can not be together.

My part in whole of this is playing a good friend of Johannes. Mostly drinking Absinth and throwing some lines here and there. It might not be the biggest part I could get, but being a part of this project is a privilege. Filming begins the 7th of May!

They delve deep into nice little themes and situations you often dont think about. Especially this little gem of a script I read a week ago. It’s called Moment (Norwegian title: Øyeblikket) and is basically a story about how we all experience the same night in such different point of views. And how we all miss those moments from when we were younger, afraid we will never feel anything like that again. The friendships, the first night out, the hot summer flirts etc. Well, I am glad to announce I accepted the role as one of the young men in this short, and begins filming early May!

So far at the Opera, we’ve had 5 shows and there are 6 to go! It has gotten great reviews and people seem to love it. It’s a pretty intense and bloody performance with a cast that is beyond GREAT! Their voice so powerful, and their presence so honest. Not to mention some amazing choreography by us (the 10 samurais) and the dancers (the 10 amazons). Click HERE to book your ticket now!

Movie recommendation of the post: The Avengers!! No doubt. That film was in every sense of the word AWESOME! I am so glad they took time to make this film solid. And it definitely is a cinema go-to.